About Us

Located on the fertile and picturesque land of Cobram, Victoria and just a stone’s throw away from the mighty Murray River, JV Orchards is the fruit supplier of choice for those who value the quality assurance of a family business.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers and offering mouth-watering varieties of nectarines, peaches, apples, pears and lemons. Our product is distributed predominantly on the east coast of Australia and for export in SE Asia.

Who are We?

We are Family

Our Fruit

Who Are We?

JV Orchards is a family oriented fruit grower that has been operating for almost 25 years.  Our roots are planted in the lush soil of a fruit orchard growing on what was once a 150 acre single site property that housed an old shed, limited equipment, no irrigation but a clear and ambitious vision.

Today, we are a 3-site business that produces apples, pears, white and yellow peaches and nectarines, and soon to come superior quality Australian lemons (planted in the last 3 years).

Our aim is to be the “supplier of choice” for our customers; by being supplier of choice our partners can have confidence in our product, service and commitment to supply.

Our Family

Our business is our family. We love and treasure it, while doing everything we can to help it grow and flourish. This means regular development, ongoing education and investment into new technology and trends. The current facilities house a medium sized fruit packing grader, cool storage and a growing transport division. With infrastructure investments nearing $1M proposed for the next 2 years, our family is set to grow significantly. But don’t let the fancy figures fool you, JV Orchards will always be a family business with strong core values and a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

The business is owned by brothers Joe and John Ventre. Joe’s position is overall manager which would traditionally be called the Managing Director. John is orchard manager and Director and has been responsible for a significant increase of production as a result of increased plantings. This will result in the orchard production doubling over a three-year period.

Anthony Ventre, Joe’s son, is in charge of fruit packing and marketing. Anthony is also responsible for the transport division of the business which comprises 4 trucks, including refrigerated “B-Double” trailers.

Our Fruit

Our fruit orchards are a testament to traditional Australian fruit growing. With the business emerging from the challenging conditions of drought a few years ago, a considerable effort has been made to ensure that only top quality fruit reaches the customer.

Central to this effort is that the company has access to two agronomists, one specialising in overall strategy, pruning and thinning and the other focusing on nutrition and the more detailed day to day planning, fruit measurement and pest management. By adopting this approach, the company is minimising the use of pesticides and better able to use nature to support crop growth.

Today’s consumers are well-informed and conscious of the produce they choose to consume. This is why we always maintain the highest level of quality assurance and strive to deliver superior fruit to every buyer. Our business is audited for the quality assurance standard, Freshcare, on an annual basis.