Packing and Logistics

Our company is committed to sustaining the highest level of quality of product AND service across all segments of the business. This is one of the reasons JV Orchards opted to develop its own logistics sector. Our family includes a committed transportation team and 4 trucks that are controlled by our logistics department to ensure punctual deliveries and the highest level of customer service.

The hard work and dedication of JV Orchards has resulted in excellent quality standards, while significant investment into continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness has translated to superior performance in production, packaging and logistics.

JV Orchards is an innovative company that sustains traditional values while at the same time exploring ways to improve and grow. We are currently renovating our pack house infrastructure and undergoing a million dollar warehouse expansion to facilitate an expected doubling of our current fruit production over the next two years.

The project will involve the extension of pack house facilities for JV Orchards to include improvements to our:

  1. Loading bays and storage areas
  2. Refrigerated storage
  3. Water storage and fire prevention
  4. Staff amenities

With packaging and logistics being just one of the several segments we are regularly developing, JV Orchards is strengthening its reputation as not only a leader but also a pioneer in setting the quality and customer service benchmark for Australian fruit produce.